With the encouragement of Gedolei Torah, Ner LeElef has helped prepare hundreds of Bnei Torah for positions in Community Kollels, Rabbanus, Kiruv and Chinuch.

Ner LeElef (NLE) has two English-speaking programs running simultaneously. Each is a two-year course that focuses on knowledge, personal development, skill development, and real-life interactions. The carefully structured learning cycle meets Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings during the zman.

Participants selected to join NLE receive a monthly stipend of $400 during the course.

Regular shiurim are given by our staff of world renowned Rabbanim, including Rav Reuven Leuchter, the program’s manhig ruchni, Rav Zev Leff and Rav Noach Orlowek.

Here are some of the areas that make up the NLE experience:

  • Weekly Vaadim and personal guidance help build more complete Bnei Torah
  • A breadth of knowledge in Hashkafa and various areas of Halacha.
  • Expert training in public speaking, teaching skills, communication skills and effective counseling techniques.
  • Basic principles for success in kiruv and more specialized training with different age groups.
  • Professional development including: marketing and advertising, fundraising, time management, goal setting, leadership and management.
  • You will benefit from relationships with a Rebbe or Mentor who can guide you, even after you take your next step.

Our popular women’s program runs parallel to the men’s program, although is less time demanding. It is focused on offering a careful balance of both inspiration and knowledge.

We help find you a position that suits your interests, abilities, and personality. We’ll help you prepare a professionally written resume, arrange interviews and pilot trips. We’ll also help guide you through final negotiations.