Campus Kiruv, Detroit

Rabbi Fully Eisenberger is the director of the Jewish Resource Center fondly known by students and the Detroit community as the JRC. It is located in Ann Arbor Michigan, a 45-minute drive from the frum community where Rabbi Fully lives with his wife and five children kn’h.
Programs at the JRC include one-on-one learning sessions daily with 5 full time staff members, lunch-and-learns, as well as small and large-group learning. The Maimonides program is run twice a year for 35-40 students and includes local and international lecturers. Students participate in two community based shabbatons, as well as in a big graduation event. When school is in session, JRC staff members take turns going to the JRC for Shabbos with their families. When they spend Shabbos at the JRC, they host about 120 students Friday night and 50 on Shabbos day. In addition to Shabbos on campus many students enjoy coming to Rabbi Fully’s home almost weekly.

The JRC runs two Israel trips a year. A birthright trip for beginners as well as a level two trip for more advanced students. Each trip hosts 30-35 students. Additionally they run a trip to Poland each winter bringing about 14 students.

Rabbi Fully has been able to find creative new ways to fundraise to cover the growing costs of the JRC.

The JRC holds a community wide Maimonides graduation event once a year. This event hosts 250 guests for a beautiful strolling dinner and address by the students. He has started a monthly donation by student alumni who are now in the corporate world and are in the position to ‘pay it forward” for new students. This program currently includes 15 students and it is growing. Shabbos sponsorships by current student families have also been a successful fundraising technique.

Rabbi Fully travels to New York, Chicago, Florida, California, and even South Carolina to be in contact with students who have graduated from the University of Michigan. The Eisenbergers are proud to go to weddings, brissim and more simchas of over 25 amazing couples who have learned in the JRC and are now living Torah lives.

Many times over, the JRC has been referred to by students as their home away from home. It exudes deep warmth where everyone feels like family no matter what Jewish background they come from. This feeling sets the tone for amazing Torah learning and growth in Yiddishkeit.