Young Professionals, Los Angeles

Jewish Routes was started 3 years ago by Yonason Quinn and Eli Bloom.Their objective is to address the long term stability of the Ba’al Teshuvah.

They have a beginners program including a Birthright trip, Maimonides learning and one-on-one meetings.

In order to integrate the student into a realistic Jewish lifestyle, Jewish Routes has developed a system of housing with like-minded peers for both a seminary and Yeshiva program. Students can live within the Jewish community while slowly learning how to mesh their professional and spiritual lives.

They have varying levels of observance and knowledge in the student base living in the houses. The beginner students are inspired by their environment and new social group to progress within their own personal journey in Yiddishkeit.

Rabbis Quinn and Bloom have spearheaded the establishment of a shul in order to have the students feel comfortable in a long-term growth-oriented place.

Whether they have been students of Jewish Routes for 1 month or 7 years they still require consistent follow-up and the knowledge that someone will be there for them under all circumstances.

Rabbis Quinn and Bloom say that their goal is for their students to be sending their kids to the same school that they send their own!