Campus Kiruv, Philadelphia

Rabbi Shmuel Lynn is the founder and Executive Director of the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been for 10 years now.  This program, spanning a college semester, engages students with the texts and concepts of their Jewish Heritage in a mature and sophisticated manner and offers exposure to the leaders and personalities shaping the Jewish world today.  Once students have graduated the Maimonides One Program, they are provided with the option to continue the exploration of their Jewish Heritage through Maimonides Two, which gives them the opportunity to forge an even deeper connection to Jewish Literacy and Judaism.  In addition to all these learning options, Rabbi Lynn has provided the Penn students with the option to tour Israel, Poland and South Africa.  These different trips have, as their common denominator, the goal of creating aware and inspired Jewish leadership for the future.  The creativity and excitement with which Rabbi Lynn undertakes these trips has led to their great success and he has steered the Poland trip to a national program – 3 Meor buses this winter and 5 Olami buses. Other Jewish History trips have included Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco, Russia and Ukraine.

Rabbi Lynn is now embarking on a new project: opening an outreach center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to serve the many students he worked with at Penn, who have graduated and moved to New York City to work.