Kiruv Center, Dallas

Rabbi Shlomo Abrams and his wife, Hudis, came to Dallas in 2005 to create a new branch of the DATA kollel. They moved to a brand new neighborhood called Brentfield.

The Abramses created an outreach center in their home together with a shul. They started their kiruv efforts by running a Sunday school and they reached out to Jewish families by knocking on doors and delivering mishloach manos. They have created programs for young families and others for teens, including The Sunday Shmooz, an alternative to Sunday school that is geared towards public school students. Each Sunday they meet at the home of a different family and have a barbeque which leads on to The Shmooz – a discussion of a variety of topics with the teens. In addition, the past two summers have brought Hudy and over 50 women on two missions to Israel.

Shlomo and Hudi are focused on creating a brand new community for young families through classes on parenting, Shalom Bayis, Shabbatons and “The Learners Experience” – a successful model for their Beginners Service, which has attracted large numbers of newcomers.