Chinuch, San Diego

Rabbi Moshe Adatto is Dean of Southern California Yeshiva High School (SCY High), a boys’ high school in San Diego. Rabbi Adatto took lessons from his background in kiruv and adult education in Los Angeles and Palo Alto and applied them to high school education. The result is a school where there is a strong emphasis on building a desire for Torah and a feeling of Jewish pride in the students. This is achieved in tandem with forming a strong kesher between the students and their rebbeim and teachers. The close relationship between staff and students is one of the hallmarks of SCY High, and one element that Rabbi Adatto values tremendously.

Rabbi Adatto especially enjoys teaching Gemara with an emphasis on understanding the logical thought process and getting to know each individual student in order to help him develop into a mature person and a Ben Torah.
In addition to the time he has committed to the school, Rabbi Adatto is also involved in his local shul, Beth Jacob Congregation, where he gives a weekly Gemara shiur and vaad for baalei batim.