Community Outreach Center, St. Louis

Rabbi Yosef Aharon David started his career as an avreich in the Cincinnati community kollel where he was the part-time rabbi of the downtown synagogue and outreach center. He also helped found the JSU outreach program on the university of Cincinnati college campus.

After 2 years in Cincinnati, and looking to help build a young vibrant community, he joined the new Memphis Community Kollel as the outreach director. When the Rosh Kollel left Memphis after a year and no successor was found, Rabbi David stepped into the breach as the executive director and directed the outreach activities administration and fundraising of the kollel for 5 years.

He went on to Aish HaTorah in St. Louis, and took over their suburban program, the “Firehouse” which he has turned into vibrant outreach center for education and inspiration. Classes, adult and children’s Hebrew school, Israel trips, lecture series with guest speakers and Shabbos-and weekend retreats are some of the programs that Aish St Louis provides. Currently, he is the executive director of Aish HaTorah of St. Louis.

In this capacity he directs the programing, manages the staff of 3 full time and 3 part time employees and additional part time teachers, and he is also the main fundraiser.

As an outreach rabbi he teaches classes and runs an open house with his wife Mimi for many shabbos and holiday experiences. He runs programs and is the public face of the organization to the community. He runs trips to Israel for married men and his wife runs trips to Israel for married women.