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Rabbi Dovid Edelstein went from Ner LeElef to the newly founded kollel in The Valley, in Los Angeles. When the kollel closed, he taught for a year at Valley Torah Academy (boys mesivta), and then went into the profession of accounting on a full-time basis. It was during his time as an accountant that he started learning programs in one of the local shuls in The Valley. Those evening programs became very successful, and after a few years, when the shul went through some major changes, many of those students left to form a new shul, Bais Tefila. For over a year, they beseeched Rabbi Edelstein to join them as their Rav, when he finally gave in and took the rabbanus of Bais Tefila. The shul soon became a center of Torah learning, with daily, Shabbos and Yom Tov minyanim, and has grown to the point of needing to build a new, larger facility.