Chinuch, Phoenix

In 2006 Rabbi Field began his career in education in Atlanta after completing Ner LeElef’s Kiruv Training program.

In the first five years, he taught 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 10th grades, as well as being involved in weekly adult education programs. In their first three years in Atlanta the Fields revived a minyan for young people which had been dwindling rapidly. Within that time span the membership increased from 10 to nearly 100. The minyan was eventually split into two minyanim because of its success.

After five years in the classroom, the Fields were offered a position to start a new day school in Phoenix. At the time, the school had seven students enrolled in the kindergarten. Over the summer more than eighty additional students joined. The first day of school opened with ninety students and more than twenty members of staff. Numbers in the second year once again exceeded expectations with 140 students and ten additional staff members. The school is now in its third year, and the Torah Day School of Phoenix has more than 185 students with nearly fifty teachers! The upcoming school year already has an enrollment of well over 200 students and the Fields are enjoying the challenge of this exciting venture.

The school boasts an established basketball team, art curriculum, and physical education program. They provide extra learning for boys on Thursday evenings, Shabbos mornings, and Sundays, as well as a boys’ choir. The girls have a Shabbos B’nos program, gymnastics, and a strong student council.

The pride and joy of TDSP is the devoted faculty. The school’s mission is to create a warm and loving environment, and the staff has made this mission come to life. The resourcefulness and inspiration of the teachers has resulted in the development of a Middos program, which has been a tremendous success. In the school’s second year, it became accredited by a nationally acclaimed accreditation agency.