Community Kollel, Palo Alto

Rabbi Joey Felsen is the Founder and Executive Director of the Jewish Study Network of Northern California, commonly known as The JSN, based in Palo Alto.  The JSN is a two-seder kollel with a mission of creating and maintaining an institution of high level Torah scholarship, and of going out into the Jewish Communities in the area in order to raise the level of Jewish literacy in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Recognizing that Jewish education is critical to creating and maintaining a vibrant future for Jews in America, the JSN engages Jews living in communities within the 75 mile stretch between San Francisco and Santa Cruz (which includes the Palo Alto/San Jose Region), with a host of learning opportunities. This is all in addition to maintaining two sedarim of learning a day.

Rabbi Felsen has been the inspiration and mastermind of all this.  For his work at Kehillah Jewish High School (the community Jewish high school in Palo Alto), he received the 2006 Grinspoon-Steinhardt National Award for Excellence in Jewish Education, which recognizes, honors and supports outstanding classroom Jewish educators.  Rabbi and Mrs. Felsen also founded Meira Academy, now in its fourth year. He is a past Member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties.