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After graduating from Ner LeElef, the Semels joined the Kollel in Phoenix. The Kollel enabled them to forge strong relationships with members of the existent and growing community. After a number of years, the Phoenix community was ready to embark on a new journey to start a Yeshiva High School. Rabbi Semel, together with one of the other Yungeleit, also a Ner LeElef graduate, was encouraged to lead that journey.

They have students from Phoenix and other West coast communities that do not have a Yeshiva High School. Many of the students come from public school and would have continued on in public school if not for the Yeshiva.

Rabbi Semel feels that Ner LeElef and its Rebbeim gave him the direction and motivation to make such things happen and he is deeply grateful. He personally continues the connection by attending a Vaad given by Rav Leuchter and has ‘met’ with him via internet to discuss issues that come up in the field.