Community Outreach, New York

Rabbi Jonny Shippel started his career in Kiruv in Cape Town, South Africa, where he founded and directed the Ohr Somayach Kollel.  With the kollel as the base of operations, he oversaw the development of active Torah learning programs, which then led to the formation of a vibrant congregation, Ohr Somayach – Cape Town, and the founding of the Phylis Jowell Jewish Day School.  That day school has grown to well over 100 students.  In 2005 Rabbi Shippel moved to New York, and became a partner in Gateways, a major kiruv organization based in Monsey, which is active in the Quad-State Area.  A few years ago, he left Gateways and founded his own kiruv organization, The Bais, in Upper Manhattan, which features a shul with Shabbos and Yom Tov davening, and from where he focuses on outreach with business and professionals, both singles and families.

He also is the Director of the James Striar School, at Yeshiva University, which is a university undergraduate program for young men who have no formal background in Torah learning or Hebrew language.