Rabbanus, Borehamwood (UK)

Rabbi Shimshon Silkin is the Rav of Congregation Beis Yisrael, a vibrant community formed in 2013 by families who have made serious strides in their Yiddishkeit in recent years. Since 2009 Rabbi Silkin has been the director of seed in Borehamwood and Elstree and a senior lecturer at their seminars. Borehamwood is a leafy suburb of London which has the largest concentration of secular Jews in England, if not all of Europe. seed is the UK’s leading adult education and outreach program with centers across the country and thousands of participants in their many events; Rabbi Silkin and his wife have, with tremendous siyata dishmaya, been developing a successful kiruv program for the young families in the area.

A lot of the inspiration for what they do comes from their years spent with the Dallas Kollel where they opened a center housing the branch of DATA in the northern suburb of Plano (DATA of Plano).

Rabbi Silkin also teaches hashkafa at numerous London high schools and runs Aish UK’s Project Chazon which runs hashkafa programs and seminars across London and the rest of the country for the frum high school community including running trips to Poland for frum high-school students.